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Presentation : I'm a 25th century prophet

"I'm bringing a message". The scene : a small hotel room near Barbès (Paris, France).

Name a man who's been playing with Cindy Blackman, Joe Bonner, Anthony Braxton, James Carter, Denis Charles, Don Cherry, Earl Cross, Andrew Cyrille, Richard Davis, Barbara Donald, Eric Dolphy,...

... Ray Drummond, Earl Freeman, Jimmy Garrison, Eddie Henderson, John Hicks, Billy Higgins, Bobby Hutcherson, Elvin Jones, Clifford Jordan, Ed Kelly, Oliver Lake, Prince Lasha, Art Lewis, Frank Lowe, Cecil McBee, Michael Marcus, Charles and Charnett Moffett, Grachan Moncur, Sunny Murray, Gary Peacock, Dewey Redman, Sonny Rollins, Woody Shaw, Lonnie Liston Smith, Juma Sultan, Horace Tapscott, McCoy Tyner, Michael White, Bert Wilson, Smiley Winters, Reggie Workman, James Zitro ? SONNY SIMMONS !

The disciple of Charlie Parker. The heir of John Coltrane and Albert Ayler. The partner of Eric Dolphy. Sonny Simmons stands tall.

That's what he says. Ahead of his time. Of every time. 25th century. Free jazz ? Avant-garde ? One misses the point. He nods his head in disapproval. He's beyond that - "free jazz", "avant-garde". First thing - it's a vocation. Not a musical style. He couldn't have done anything else, but "play the horn". And embrace an extreme lifestyle. Poète maudit.

It's a mission, too. A spiritual one. His father was baptist preacher and a voodoo priest. He recognizes Albert Ayler both as a master, and a brother. "Music is the healing force of the universe." He's a healer. His playing has a soothing quality akin to that of John Coltrane. Once again, it's beyond notes, chords, improvisation, free or not. Voodoo, eastern philosophy, the Church, the blues - he's a synthesis, his music, a succesful syncretism. "Prophet." Performing an Ancient Ritual. Telling the Tales of the Ancient East.

What else do we learn from such an impressive list ? He's firmly rooted in a tradition. He's a disciple of Charlie Parker. Not only a master saxophonist : it's all about excitement. Inspiration. Bandstand hero, dressed in black. Soft lights through the cloudy cigarettes, glasses ringing in the midst of the bass solo. Elegiac (Dolphy, again). The good side of the legacy. The dark (and necessary) side, too : urban roots, bad guy, competition, survival of the toughest in the American Jungle.

There would be many other facets to explore. A black revolutionnary. A composer. A man who's been under more than once, but never failed to resurface, drawing cohorts of faithful fans; homeless at the time he made the encyclopedias; busier than ever in the new Millenium, when the jazz world thought him out of notice.

"Be yourself" says he. "It's not about Sonny Simmons, it's not about the here and now, it's about YOU." So, why a Sonny Simmons homepage ? For all the above reasons, and more. 9 times out of 10, a man is a legend because his true self his unknown to his contemporaries. We at Hello World ! dare hope that our work will expand the knowledge of this essential and leading figure - the past, present and future of our music.

"Be yourself. Please do that."


Hello World ! the Sonny Simmons homepage : the complete and authorized ressource on the american saxophonist, including a full discography and biography, information about new recordings, concert schedule, useful links to Sonny Simmons on the net. Picture taken by Daniel Lebée.
©Daniel Lebée


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Sonny Simmons caught live at La Comedia in october 2002. Copyright Daniel Lebée
©Daniel Lebée






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